Melissa is the quintessential multitasker and the go to“Wonder Woman” at the studio; always learning, experimenting, and attempting new techniques.   She is an accomplished, passionate and skilled artisan having over 20 years’ experience in the industry.  With an organic approach and strong desire for perfection, she meticulously creates each client’s vision pouring her heart and soul into every custom finish.  Melissa believes you can always learn something new in the most unforeseen places, from the most unexpected people.   When Mel is not in studio or creating the next fab faux finish she can be found hanging out with family, playing with her pup Izzie or working on her latest renovation project at home.

Instagram: @melissa.wagner



Having grown up engrossed in art and decorative painting with her Mother, Nancy Jones of Artworks Spokane, Jennifer has been painting and creating for as long as she can remember.  A former student at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience in the industry.  Influenced by her father’s work ethic and mother’s artistic talents, Jen’s love for art and creativity brings unique insight to each design and is fully expressed in every custom finish. 

She is a dog loving, good hug giving, honest optimist, who can be found cheering on her kids at baseball, hockey and volleyball when she’s not in studio, trowelling plaster or staying on top of current trends in the industry.

Instagram: @jjreichert



Deanna’s background in visual arts is essential to the ITI team, her refined artistic experience and creativity is vital on each custom creation.  Behind the scenes, she assumes the role of studio extraordinaire, our go to for everything (and by everything we mean everything!)  Deanna is known in studio for her sense of humor, enthusiasm and flexibility (not physically).  She is also a certified yoga teacher and can be found doing the downward dog in the yoga studio, riding her bike in fish creek or hanging with her husband and dog Lexi.

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Having been formally trained as a jewellery artist, Anna brings a new perspective and a keen eye to the ITI team.  Her optimistic outlook and fervor for the creative arts ensures her success in every project, faux-finish and furniture rehab.  Outside of the studio Anna can be found at your local coffee shop feverishly sketching fabulous new jewellery designs, at her bench bringing the designs to life or lazily basking in a sunny window.