We often get asked if Chalk Paint will work on IKEA furniture.  The answer is absolutely yes!  In general Chalk Paint covers IKEA finishes well and bonds nicely.  Most of their finishes do not require any extra steps, no sanding or priming.  However, they do make a set called MALM that in our experience requires a bit of sanding.    That little bit of sanding prior to starting will ensure a successful finish.  And you’re not looking to remove the finish, you’re just looking to scuff the surface and give the paint a little something to grab to.  In the video I’m using a 220 grit sanding sponge on one side to rough up the finish and make it paint ready.  On the other side of the desk top I didn’t do any sanding.  We’ll test out our new finishes a little further down this post.

Paint can be applied with a brush or if you want a smoother finish a foam roller works great.

To show you how well the paint bonded I did a quick test below.  Keep in mind this was a fresh finish, I did not wait for my wax to reach maximum hardness.

Chalk Paint is a fast and easy way to update and customize all those bookshelves, dressers and mirrors.  Here are some of the IKEA transformations that we loved.







If you’re ever worried about how a particular finish will accept Chalk Paint, there’s an easy way to check.  On the underside or backside of your furniture item take a brush with a bit of Chalk Paint on it and paint a quick swatch.  If your paint start to pull away from the surface (think an oil and water type of reaction) you know that a bit of sanding is required.  If the paint lays down nicely it shouldn’t be an issue but if you’re still not convinced, let it dry for a few days and give it a scratch and bump test.  After the paint has had a few days to dry, is it easily removed from your furniture item?  Keep in mind it is just paint at this point, a protective topcoat or wax will be adding even more protection.  Do you have some IKEA furniture that could use a bit of love?  What will your tranformation look like?